Vilius Dranseika


Department of Logic and History of Philosophy

Vilnius University


Department of Philosophy and Bioethics

Jagiellonian University, Krakow


Advanced Certificate Program in Research Ethics

Clarkson University - Vilnius University

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I edit Experimental Philosophy: Persons on philpapers

Main interests

Experimental Philosophy
Moral Psychology
Research Ethics

Topics I currently work on include

Psychosortalism and personal identity
Antonomastic uses of proper names

Moral / Conventional distinction in Mandarin Chinese

Normative accounts of omissions
Ways to measure transtemporal identity judgments
Nudging in Learning Healthcare Systems
Risk quantification in medical research
Ethical issues in wildlife photography
Anthropomorphisation of natural disasters
Hedonic bias in olfaction terms
Degrees of justification in Gettier cases
Moral, aesthetic and epistemic hipocrisy
Research consent in emergency situations
Ethics review of online research

Some recent publications

Berniunas R., Dranseika V., Sousa P. (2016). Are There Different Moral Domains? Evidence from Mongolia. Asian Journal of Social Psychology. 19(3): 275–282. >>>

Berniunas R., Dranseika V. (2016) Folk Concepts of Person and Identity: A Response to Nichols and Bruno. Philosophical Psychology. 29(1): 96-122. >>>

Dranseika V., Piasecki J., Waligora M. (2016) Relevant Information and Informed Consent in Research: In Defense of the Subjective Standard of Disclosure. Science and Engineering Ethics >>>

Dranseika V., Piasecki J., Waligora M. (2016) Forensic Uses of Research Biobanks: Should Donors be Informed? Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. 19(1):141-146. >>>

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